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Simply create the payment culture you want.

The most comprehensive plug and play AR system that delivers immediate cash flow returns. Benefit from the prompt payment protocols researched and developed by our multidisciplinary team of accounting, business, communications and IT professionals.

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Automatically Reminds Customers To Pay

Integrates with your  existing accounting software to automatically issue email & sms reminders to overdue debtors.

Accept Payment Anytime Anywhere

Allow your customers to click and pay from invoices and payment reminders.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Automates the tedious tasks in accounts receivables so you can deploy your precious resources elsewhere.

Change From Reactive to Proactive

Take decisive action to get paid with a disciplined process that tracks all the monies owing to your business.

Designed to get you paid faster and easier.

Centralised home for your AR

Manage all your debtor tracking and communications from one hub that syncs with your accounting software.

Powerful Communication Plan

Automate a schedule of communications using multiple channels so you are predictably and consistently reaching debtors about total monies overdue.

Best Practice Reminder Templates

Customise our series of reminder templates with a host of personalisation features so you communicate with debtors in your tone and language.

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