Accounts receivable made easy

For you and your customers

Only ezyCollect gives you an end-to-end solution to revolutionise team efficiency and customer experience from invoice-to-payment.

Close more payments. Collect more money. Create more time.

One platform to drive efficiency and revenue

That takes away the pain

Don’t let late payments and ineffective processes run down your profit.

Work efficiently with a centralised suite of tools for credit risk assessment, automated payment reminders, online payments, demand letters and working capital finance.

We’ve partnered with the industry leaders


Giving you the ultimate accounts receivable workflow

that saves you time and money and gives you peace of mind

Step 1

Issue credit

Use the late payments riskometer to assess if a customer is a low, medium or high risk.

Step 2

Send invoice

Automatically send digital invoice copies, log delivery and track opens.


Step 3

Set reminders

Personalise and automate a sequence of reminders by email, phone, SMS, post.

Step 4

Manage and monitor

Use platform insights to get phone call tasks and manage disputes. Log your notes.

Step 5

Collect payment

Add our easy online options to your payment methods so customers pay faster.

Step 6

Escalate easily

One-click to send a demand letter or hand over to a debt collection agency.

5 Collection Call Scripts for Invoice Payment Success

Tackle those tricky collection calls with confidence


  • Be prepared with telephone call scripts that help you overcome the five most common payment excuses.
  • Direct a solution-focussed conversation that’s a win:win for you and your customer.
  • Connect with empathy while being clear about your payment expectations.

Gets you paid faster

Speed up cash recovery while saving time. The discipline of ezyCollect helps you simplify and modernise processes and reign in late payments.

Every day becomes Pay Day with your blueprint for fast payments and positive cash flow.

Simplifies daily AR tasks

Collection calls work, but who do you call and when?

ezyCollect sends you a prioritised list of daily calls to make, and lets you log call notes. Add your notes to the audit trail of automated communications so your team always has the complete picture when communicating with customers.

Improves customer relationships

Reduce your customer’s effort to pay by making their account easy to understand and settle.

Send invoices, monthly statements and polite reminders on time. Consolidate outstandings.

Take away the pain of parting with their cash by giving your customers speed, mobility and the convenience to click-and-pay seamlessly.

Find out how to collect cash faster with ezyCollect.

Automated communications, calling and dispute management and more

Get paid before your competitors

These companies love the benefits of the ezyCollect platform

Easy to set up

Lose the instruction manual. Our team offers comprehensive setup support and never charges for ongoing maintenance. We’ll even train you for free. You’ll be up and running – and collecting more—before you know it!

Easy to use

ezyCollect has a user-friendly dashboard with everything you need at your fingertips. We lose sleep over how to turn the complex into the simple, beautiful, and uncomplicated. ezy is not just in our name, it’s in our DNA.

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Media services company cuts overdue days by 63 percent

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We serve these industries

Cashflow-critical businesses choose ezyCollect

Wholesale Distribution

Automate the transactional activities to reduce costs and improve productivity.

We help:

  • medical suppliers
  • gift and homeware wholesalers
  • electrical appliance suppliers

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Food and Beverage

Modernise and simplify your accounts receivable system to collect the money you’re owed efficiently.

We help:

  • craft brewers
  • coffee wholesalers
  • specialty food suppliers

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Construction and Building

Reduce the cost of accounts receivable, cut outstanding invoices and unlock more capital for growth.

We help:

  • concrete preparation suppliers
  • scaffolders
  • waste management services

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 Access platform insights to protect your business from bad debts and late payments.

We help:

  • manufacturers of tooling systems
  • packaging companies
  • flooring specialists
  • shopfitters

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Business Services

Free up your team from manual processes and invest more time in customer service.

We help:

  • accountants
  • bookkeepers
  • consultants
  • media agencies

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Retail Trade

Avoid bad debt with strict credit control and collect money online.

We help:

  • fashion brands
  • jewellers
  • book suppliers
  • wholesalers with shopfronts

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Eliminate late payments with a better process

Make it easier for your customers to pay you
Reduce credit risk by using our integrated services
View your business pulse for cashflow insights

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