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Automatically follow up with customers who don’t pay and say thanks to the ones that do

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Collect overdue invoices faster and easier with ezyCollect accounts receivables software

Payment delays in Australia are on the rise*. ezyCollect reverses the trend for its customers.

Quick setup

Get synced to your accounting system and start collecting in less than 30 minutes.

Save time

Automate, schedule, personalise & customise all your collection activities in minutes.

Customers first

Keep the personal touch with polite, persistent reminders and thank you messages.

*Source: Dun and Bradstreet Australian Late Payment Analysis Feb 2017

What business are you?

Too busy? Get hands-free on sending overdue invoice reminders and collect money any time.

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Use big business technology to  improve cash flow without losing the personal touch.

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Protect your clients from bad debts risks and bump them to the top of  the payments queue.

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Small business

Your small and busy team can get on with the job while ezyCollect deals with the business of getting you paid.

Less stress: Cut the tedious follow-ups. Let friendly robots do it for you.

Less mess: Track all monies owing to your business. Never lose track of debtors again.

More time: Stop losing a day a week chasing debtors.

Easy for your customers: Send the reminders your customers rely on and accept payments online.

(Free 14 day trial, no credit card required)

seattle coffee featured

“I love checking my bank account each day, seeing a constant stream of cash coming in – magically!”- EspressoConnect

Feral brewing

Within a few months, Feral Brewing halved its overdue accounts.

Medium Business

Systematise accounts  receivable management while maintaining the personal touch with your customers.

Support growth: Scale your system of debtor management to match your customer base.

Stay personal: Don’t be cold. Automate polite, personalised reminders that come from you.

Be bold: Collect quicker and have the cash and confidence to pay the bills and grow your business.

Be systematic: Use scheduling tools to organise and coordinate all your debtor management activities.

(Free 14 day trial, no credit card required)

Trusted advisor

Accountants and bookkeepers can leverage the cloud to get deep insights and help clients survive and thrive.

Add value: Grow your trusted advisor role “beyond accounting”

Save time: The system crunches the numbers for you.

Add revenue: Your firm benefits from new revenue streams.

Back yourself: Use ezyCollect in your own professional services firm and get paid faster.

(Free 14 day trial, no credit card required)

Diana Siddall

Businesses want more from accountants and the future is bright for those ready to embrace technology.

ezyCollect is in over 352 cities with over 1235 users and is suited to a range of industries. Below are just some examples


Security Monitoring

“ezyCollect has improved our cash flow significantly and cleaned up some old accounts that we just couldn’t get to.”

Barry Phillips, Ambush Security Services

Sarah Heinjus


“Once I finished the trial I knew I would continue because it just saves so much time.”

Sarah Heinjus, Rural Directions


Professional Services Firms

“The time I spend on debtor management now is next to nothing.”

Karyn Bennett, Axsys

Great Features Included On All Our Plans

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Manage, Record & Track Customer Conversations

ezyCollect automatically emails a call list to your staff so their time is focused on calling the right customers at the right time.

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Automatically attach invoice copies with every reminder

Don’t let your customers use the “I didn’t get your invoice” excuse for non-payment. Now automatically include invoice copies with your automated reminders.

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Consolidated Reminders

Our system groups multiple invoices into a single reminder for each debtor. We don’t over communicate with your customers.

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Create Your Custom Reminder Schedule

Quickly & easily create a full custom action schedule to send our automated reminders on intervals that you choose.

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Demand letter, debt collection & credit checks

We chase up payments, so you don’t have to. Our all in one system combines statements, invoices and demand letters.

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Send Thank You Messages Automatically

Automatically send “Thank you” emails to your debtors when they make payment for their invoices!

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