Together We Build Dreams

We believe that the greatest resources in business are dreams and ambition. We believe that ambitious businesses deserve to be paid on time. We believe that being paid on time helps businesses to survive then thrive. We believe that when businesses flourish, people flourish.

We believe in keeping the dream alive.

Our purpose is to put smart technology in the hands of ambitious businesses so they have the cash and confidence to manifest their dreams.

“We use ezyCollect for two companies.
ezyCollect is the best solution out there for an account collection. It simply works in a background and does a fantastic job. Basically, you can hire an account receivable employee for a fraction of a cost.”

Jen SwensonXero Evangelist

Meet our leadership team

Arjun (AJ) Singh


AJ is a technology buff with a love for all things new and innovative. He spends his spare time learning and playing with new gadgets, and when possible, enjoys a round of golf with friends.

AJ has spent the last 12 years working in a diverse range of business from large multinationals to small family run businesses. This has given him an appreciation for the challenges faced by these companies, and has been the motivation for starting ezyCollect. AJ and his founding partners have a passion for helping business grow and succeed – and it is this shared vision and belief drives everything we do at ezyCollect.

Raj Kuckreja

Chartered Accountant

Raj Kuckreja is a Chartered Accountant who lives and breathes small business everyday, and has a desire to help business owners realise their goals and dreams. He believes innovation and technology is finally giving us all more time in the day, to spend with our loved ones, follow our passions and achieve our goals.

Jimmy Cooper

Jimmy Cooper Co-Founder Marketing

I'll show you my Bio if you give me your email.

Jane Evio

Head of Customer Success

Jane has a demonstrated background in sales and customer relationship management. Strong business development skills and enterprise account management with the aim of always delighting customers and providing excellent customer experience.

Jane is a food and fashion lover and is always on the hunt for the perfect coffee and wine.

Ricardo Hori


I'm very passionate about Software development, it's my work and I love it.
I enjoy learning about and working with new technologies and development methodologies.
The agile principles have always sat well with me and I carry them along to every new experience.
I'm very good at learning and adapting myself to new situations.

I mostly develop using Groovy, Java, Grails and AngularJS (or pure javascript).
Also, I have experience with a different set of databases such as H2, Oracle, MySQL, OrientDB and MongoDB.
For testing, most of my experience is with JUnit, Spock, Geb and Selenium, while using practices such as TDD and BDD.
Worked with GIT and CVS as version control systems.

To me, software development is better served with close contact between business analysts and developers, something I both believe and enjoy doing. That creates a better working environment and helps with estimates, planning, collaboration when thinking of new features and better ROI evaluation.

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