The ezyCollect team is super excited to be immersed in the energy and excitement that is MYOB Incite 2017. We’re looking forward to meeting you around the country:

Sydney – Monday 6th February

Perth  – Wednesday 8th February

Melbourne – Wednesday 15th February

With the theme of Own Tomorrow, MYOB Incite 2017 challenges us all to ask: Are you going to sit back and wait to see what tomorrow holds for you? Or are you going to step forward and own tomorrow?

We asked the ezyCollect team heading to Incite: “What does own tomorrow mean to you? What are you doing today to own tomorrow?” Here’s what they said:

ezyCollect Aj Singh

Aj Singh

Owning tomorrow is about having a strategic vision for my business and myself, personally. I’ve set goals that help me focus on the things that matter: family, health and happiness.  I want ezyCollect to empower business owners to save time today so they can focus on the bigger picture.” – Aj Singh, Managing Director


ezyCollect Jane Evio

Jane Evio

Owning tomorrow means feeling fulfilled and happy personally and professionally.  At work, I do my best to make our customers and team successful. At home, I spend every moment I can with my family and give them undivided attention. Right now, we’re spending wisely so we can soon enjoy the holiday of our dreams.” – Jane Evio


ezyCollect Connie Perez

Connie Perez

For me, owning tomorrow means having financial security in the future.  I work hard so I  can build that security day by day.  I’m also staying disciplined with saving because I want to have money to travel the world one day!”  – Connie Perez


ezyCollect Suneel

Suneel Tewari

To me, owning tomorrow means seizing the opportunities that come my way. By not shying away from new experiences I’ve been able to get out of my comfort zone and develop as an individual. I ask myself: “Why not?” I know that if I own today, I’ll have no regrets when I sleep at night.” – Suneel Tewari



Jimmy Cooper

“What does own tomorrow mean to me? That’s easy – owning tomorrow means asking my wife what she needs me to do today, so I don’t get in trouble tomorrow…” *chuckles* – Jimmy Cooper


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