Exciting news here at ezyCollect. We’re launching a new user interface: a fresh face for your debtor management system. Why? Because our customers asked for it, and just quietly, they deserve it. No, wait. Let’s shout about it: OUR CUSTOMERS DESERVE THE BEST!

It’s been over two years since we hit the market with our current UI. It’s served everyone well, but it’s time our customers were hit with a little sunshine every time they tackle the dark cloud of overdue invoices.

ezyCollect new user interface for mobile and desktop

ezyCollect new user interface for mobile and desktop



What can customers expect to see?

  • All data safe and sound.
  • More insights presented on  your Company Pulse page.
  • Enhanced  SMS and email functions with drag and drop merge fields and previews.
  • Email tracking (know when your reminders have been opened).
  • System settings in one place to make it easier to set up and change.
  • A fresh graphical display of your communications workflow.

What should customers do once the new UI is live?

  • Log in and explore! We’ll send you an email when the new UI is live. (Expect mid April.)
  • Try the new bulk send of customised SMSs to your debtors. Reach hundreds in seconds!
  • Review your templates with our new drag and drop template editors.
  • Check out the new UI on mobile. Our new mobile-optimised app is designed for use on any sized screen from the mobile up.
  • If you have any questions at all, just email our customer success team.

Our mission is to power up and make ezyCollect a delight to use. Stay tuned over the coming months for more new releases based on customer feedback. Your ongoing feedback is not just welcome, we rely on it. Send us your ezyCollect dream, we’ll set the deadline.

New to ezyCollect? Book a Demo and we’ll show you the new user interface now.