Introducing Tracking emails.

Now ezyCollect users can know that their reminder email to overdue debtors was received and opened. Automated and manual emails that have been opened by your customer are now instantly recorded on your customer’s page by date.

Your history of completed communications will show which email has been opened by your customer:

ezyCollect tracking email

Opened emails are shown in the history of completed communications

Here’s how it works:

ezyCollect tracking emails

Tracking emails in ezyCollect


  • ezyCollect users should refresh their browser cache (Ctrl + F5) to see this new feature.
  • This feature does not track automated emails confirming calls or emails to a customer if a call was not made.
  • If your customer opens the email with display image configuration disabled, the email is not tracked as open.
  • All customer inbox emails checked using a mobile app will be tracked as open.

This new feature was powered by ezyCollect customer feedback. You asked, we delivered.

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