Top tip from Jane on the ezyCollect customer success team: “Sending a bulk email to a large set of customers is a huge time saver. You can personalise every email, too.”

Here are just a few occasions when you might use this popular  feature in ezyCollect:

  • You’ve updated your credit policy and need all your credit customers to know how this impacts them. e.g ‘Please be advised that all debts overdue by more than 100 days will now be referred to a debt collection agency.’
  • To let your customers know about new ways to pay you e.g. ‘We are pleased to let you know we are now accepting credit cards.’
  • To send holiday greetings and notifications of office closures.
  • When updating your office address, contact details or hours of operation.
  • When introducing new staff, products, services or any promotions.

In the demonstration below, we follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Customers Who Owe Me Money’ tab.
  • Select the customers to receive the email by clicking the box next to the customer name. A tick appears when a customer is selected.
  • Click ‘Send Email’.
  • Craft your email or use a saved template.
  • You can add merge fields at this point, so your email is personalised with each customer’s first name or other content field.
  • Click ‘Preview’ to check before sending.
  • Click ‘Send’.Voila! Your personalised email to customers is ready to send from ezyCollectP.S. Be sure to check that the customers who should receive your email are in ‘active’ status, not ‘excluded’.

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