ezyCollect Business Support 

As COVID-19 progresses, businesses must move into protection mode.

At ezyCollect, we have asked ourselves: “What more can we do to help businesses survive?”

Effective immediately, we are offering to set up new businesses with the entire ezyCollect platform free for 2 months.

Build your command centre now. Survive. Then thrive once again. That’s the goal.

We are here to help.

Watch this 1-minute video to see how ezyCollect can help you get paid today so you can fund tomorrow.

How the program can help

Ok, let’s get you collecting

Recover outstanding invoices

Collecting your money now allows you to build up your cash reserves. You may not be able to count on new business in the coming months.

Accept credit card payments 24/7

An online payment gateway never closes. You shouldn’t be missing payments because your office is shut. At ezyCollect, we are seeing an increase in invoices being paid after hours.

Monitor credit risks

Know what’s happening to your customers in the wider marketplace. Look after your low-risk customers and take precautions against customers that are failing.

Move your accounts receivable process online

Workforce disruptions are a major challenge to business-as-usual. Move your AR process online so your staff can work from home and access your AR data, automate reminders and keep collecting money.

There is no obligation to continue. All we ask is that you activate the system within 7 days of installation so you are getting benefits now when it counts.
Any question is a good question. Talk to us directly

1300 780 524

Keep powering on

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by ezyCollect | Mar 4, 2020


How does ezyCollect work?
  • High visibility of late-paying customers and high credit-risk customers
  • Credit risk analysis and credit monitoring of your customers
  • Scheduled and automated email and SMS payment reminders – configured to your business rules
  • Prioritised daily tasks to help AR staff know who to call and when
  • Pay Now button on digital invoices and reminders
  • Customer payment portal to accept credit card payments
  • Seamless connection to debt collectors and legal practices
  • Integrates with your existing invoice data via your accounting system/ERP
Are there any setup costs involved?

ezyCollect will defer the usual setup costs (AU$495 to AU$995 depending on the complexity of your ERP system). You will only be charged for setup if you continue using ezyCollect after your free 2-month  period. Any third-party and API costs are not covered by ezyCollect.

Can you train my staff to use ezyCollect?

Yes. We will do an online training session with your staff to help them set up the automated workflow and messaging so it suits your business. Your team can continue to access the ezyCollect support team via an in-app help desk, email and phone. We are open and working.

Is my business eligible for the Business Support Program?

Australian and New Zealand businesses that offer trade credit and are not current customers of ezyCollect are eligible for one ezyCollect file each. ezyCollect integrates with leading accounting and ERP softwares. Our integrations are listed in the Get Started Form.

Is my data safe?

Yes. Our services are hosted by Amazon Web Services, which is protected by 24-hour surveillance.

All your data is encrypted and our application is always up-to-date with the latest security patches.

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