How about we go on a mission to make business better?

This is how we feel about the work we do at ezyCollect. It’s why we’re not looking for another brick in the wall (if you know what we mean).

We’re hoping you’re curious by now, and if you are that’s great! We like people just like you – who challenge the status quo and are always asking “Why?” or better still: “Why not?”.

At this point you might be thinking: ‘This is a weird job ad’…and you’re right! That’s because we’re different, and we’re looking for similar-minded people.

Someone who gets excited about working with those flashy new techs, but also knows when it’s time not to use them, and instead tweak the tried and tested.

Someone who is passionate, brave and strives to leave their mark.

Someone who cares deeply, builds trust, shows empathy and has a track record of collaborating to achieve high impact.

Someone who will love our customers as much as we do.

Could you imagine your day looking like this?

Do you like drinking multiple coffees a day (don’t worry, we also have tea and kombucha), participating in a round of table tennis, going for lunchtime runs around the harbour (okay – you can skip those if you wish ;))?

When you’re developing, you see the bigger picture. You love to toss around ideas with the team, and you challenge ideas that don’t put out customers first.
You’ll collaborate with the solution design, acting in all development fronts and you’ll be able to contribute with your own ideas on how to make our product even better for our customers.

Some examples of projects you will be working on

You’ll be monitoring and maintaining production cloud environments, understanding priorities and estimating your work on an ongoing basis.
Some of the projects you will be working on could be:

  • Integrating to different accounting systems so we can help more businesses with our solutions
  • Analysing data to provide high quality and insightful information to help our customers make decisions with confidence
  • Enhancing the platform so we can help our customers to get paid faster
  • And perhaps one of your great ideas? =]

In brief

One of the best parts of working at a startup is to be involved in every decision and having the opportunity to make a difference every day. You will collaboratively help decide our next wave of technology and architecture while we grow.

You have solid experience working with Java, you are comfortable working with a Microservices architecture and using AWS to deliver great solutions. Working in a lean startup sounds like music to your ears.

We don’t expect you to be an expert but we will put your programming skills to the test in our interview process, so be prepared for that.

If you have a github and/or contributed to an open source project we’ll happily consider that in your application; let us know where we can find some coding you’ve done!

Why join ezyCollect and what’s in it for you?

We are one of Australia’s most exciting fintech startups and we pride ourselves in helping businesses to get paid faster and make better credit decisions. We are a very brave, fast-paced, customer-centric organisation and we are constantly experimenting and striving to achieve our next moonshot. At ezyCollect, we love each other very much but we are not a family. We’re a high performing sports team. We are each stars in the ezyCollect constellation. We shine brighter together.

We like to share. We share our food (with around 20 different cultural backgrounds in our team, there is always something new to try out), our knowledge (ezyQuizzy), our fun times (Friday drinks and some considerable attempts at table tennis). We fully trust you and give you the flexibility you need. In return we only expect you to care enough, be passionate about our customers and our people, be adaptable and own it.

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