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What does ezyCollect do?

ezyCollect Payments revolutionises the payment process with a simple "Pay Now" button for your customers to pay you 24x7

ezyCollect Workflow automates the collection process with consistent, gentle reminders via email, sms and letters that truly work.

Customers click Pay Now buttons on your invoices, sales order and emails, leading them to a payment gateway to submit full or partial payments.

Convenient. Fast. Streamlined.

Accepts all major credit cards. Choose to auto surcharge credit card fees. Customers are automatically emailed a receipt and you get email notification that a payment has been received.

Once a payment is made through ezyCollect Payments, the invoice in Netsuite is automatically updated. You'll see if it has been paid in full or if there is a balance owing.

ezyCollect Payments makes it fast and convenient to get paid online

Click and pay now

Credit card checkout

Payment write back

ezyCollect integrates easily into your existing accounting software making the once difficult task of chasing up late paying customers an automated breeze.

Credit Control Made Easy

From the day you create an invoice to the day it’s paid, ezyCollect gives you access to a platform that is designed to get you paid on time, every time.

ezyCollect is your end to end debtor management solution

Thank you for payments

Credit checks

Plug in your accounting system

Reminder workflow

Accepts payments 24/7

Legal and debt collection

ezyCollect Workflow helps you get paid on time

Customise your reminder workflows

You choose what to say, how to say it and when

Easily adds on

Saves you time

Collects money

Syncs accounts receivable

data from your existing

accounting software.

Enables you to personalise

and customise your automated

payment reminders. 

Accepts online payments

from invoice reminders

anytime and anywhere.

Top notch support

Clear visibility

Customised templates

A+ support and training

with Australia based


All your accounts receivable

data is centralised in

one place.

Customise our best practice

templates to communicate

messages effectively.

Get paid faster and easier

minus the mess and stress

$1 Billion

How much do our customers save?

Here are some facts we are proud of

Managed per day

The amount of receivables

managed daily for small to 

medium business globally

using ezyCollect.

1205 staff hours

Saved per year

The average amount of

staffing hours saved per

business per year through our

automation process. This

equates to around 23 hours per week.


Collected per day

The average amount of money

a business collects per day 

using ezyCollect with their

accounting software.

These companies depend on

plus over 1000 more worldwide

To get started and accept offer, book a demo with our Netsuite integrations specialist

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