Economic uncertainty is the new reality. Is your
business ready for it?

With a growing speculation on an economic slowdown, Australian businesses are grappling with the question of how to keep growing.
When growth gets hard, cash gets scarce.

This could mean an increase in payment cycles further reducing your working capital.
Working capital constraints pose a major headwind for Australian businesses intent on growth. Little wonder, with an estimated $1.87 million lost from SME annual revenue due to cash flow shortfalls (more startling statistics in the research below).

Get future-ready by becoming a priority payee and
improving collections

Having an automated process to follow up on payments and a better debtor management can go a long way in recovering capital without being intrusive.

Better debtor management means:
• Priority payee: Being top of mind with your customers you sell on account
• A fully automated and bespoke process of following up on payments
• Having actionable insights to drive better cashflow
• Less time spent on mundane tasks so that your receivable staff can prioritise top debtors

Use the 3Ds of debtor management to

excel at collections

Companies that have working capital management under control are typically collection machines:

• They have a disciplined process

• They use data to stay aware and alert and on track

• They are debtor-friendly

The 3Ds—Discipline, Data, Debtor-friendly—are three key principles to help you get paid on time and protect your cash flow.

learn how to streamline your invoice-to-collection process so it’s predictable, reliable and shortens your collections cycle.

the KPIs that drive better credit control

discover the 6 things that debtor-friendly businesses do differently.

To find out what difference the 3Ds could make in your business:

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ezyCollect is purpose-built for better debtor


ezyCollect’s debtor management automation is purpose-built to turn your business into a collections machine.

ezyCollect is an Australian owned and operated software company that automates accounts receivables so businesses simply get paid faster. ezyCollect’s intelligent automation simply plugs and plays with your accounting software to automate, schedule and personalise your receivables in minutes. Online collections make it easy for debtors to pay you.

Using best practices in debtor management, ezyCollect is helping businesses collect twice as much money in half the time.

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