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About ezyCollect

What is ezyCollect generally used for?

ezyCollect is used to improve cash flow by accelerating cash recovery, and save time by automating the management of debtors.  Automated invoice management and debtor management helps businesses to get paid faster, with less effort.

Who uses ezyCollect?

Small and medium businesses, accountants and bookkeepers are the main users of ezyCollect. Any business that issues goods or services on credit and needs a system to manage debtors and payments from one central place can use ezyCollect. Sick of the stress and time wasted on inefficient debtor management? Use ezyCollect.

What are the main features of the software?

The software consistently, persistently and politely communicates with debtors so they pay attention to your overdue invoices. Once an invoice becomes overdue, it enters a schedule to reach your debtor with automated payment reminders via email, sms and post. The system will give you a schedule of follow-up phone calls that are due. Debtors can pay easily through an online payment gateway and the system even thanks your customers for paying.

What’s the ezyCollect difference?

ezyCollect’s founders include a Chartered Accountant, an experienced business owner and a customer service specialist. We know your challenges because we’ve been there. We’ve purpose-built this software so you can simply plug-and-play—all the credit control features you need in one simple ecosystem that integrates neatly with your accounting software.

Is ezyCollect a debt collection firm?

ezyCollect is not a debt collection firm, but if you need to outsource some debts to a debt collector, you can do that with a single click from within the system: you can send your customer a demand letter or send a customer to a debt collection agency. Tell us which firm you want to work with, or use our preferred provider.

What’s the success rate?

Typically, our customers get paid after two reminders go out. It’s important your reminders are effective and express your payment expectation. (We have free templates to help you write your reminders and improve your invoices). Adding a payment gateway and Pay Now buttons to invoices and reminders makes it easy for customers to pay online. Use our best practice tips and you’ll get paid faster!

Does ezyCollect replace my staff?

ezyCollect is designed to replace the tedious manual tasks in debtor management. Our customers tell us it frees up staff time to be productive in other parts of the business.

Do you do credit applications?

Credit applications are powered by Equifax (previously known as Veda). They can be easily requested via ezyCollect.

I have some debtors and invoices I don’t want to chase. Can ezyCollect handle that?

Yes. You can simply exclude certain debtors from entering the reminder schedule and they won’t receive automated payment reminders. You can even exclude individual invoices – this is particularly useful if an invoice is in dispute or the order is not complete.

Can ezyCollect grow with my business?

ezyCollect is designed for the single user or for multiple users in your team. ezyCollect can scale with you as your business grows.

Can I just use ezyCollect for online payments?

If your customers are good at paying on time, and you just want to install an online payment gateway and start collecting money online, you can do that with ezyCollect.

Can you help us with terms and conditions for our credit application forms?

A great collections process starts with your terms and conditions. If you have bullet proof T’s and C’s then you will be able to pursue your debtors with legal confidence. Our legal and debt collection partners offer all ezyCollect customers a Terms and Conditions review to ensure that your business is covered. If required they will propose changes and additions.


What are some other applications that ezyCollect is commonly used in tandem with?

We have customers who use ezyCollect with field service software like ServiceM8, inventory management software like Datapel and payment software like IntegraPay and Stripe. Ask us about your specific needs—we have first-class tech wizards/magicians who can help you 🙂

Does ezyCollect communicate with my debtors or do I?

With ezyCollect, all reminder communications to your customers look and sound like they come from a person within your business—we highly recommend you use all of the personalisation features available, including sending email reminders from an address in your business. Your customers know it’s you and not a third party they are communicating with.

Does ezyCollect integrate with other apps?

Yes. ezyCollect integrates with popular accounting software products from MYOB and Xero. Check our pricing page to see compatible software.

What platforms does ezyCollect support?

You can use ezyCollect on desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile and all web browsers.


Is my data safe?

Data security is a top priority at ezyCollect. Our servers are hosted in a world class data centre that is protected by 24-hour surveillance. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches. We have one data centre in Brisbane, Australia, and the other based on Amazon’s secure cloud infrastructure. All our plans include SSL encryption to keep data safe.

Pricing & Plans

What’s the difference between the price plans?

ezyCollect’s pricing is designed to scale as your business scales. Our pricing is guided by the number of debtors in your business and the number of people within your business who will be using the system. You can pay monthly or lock in a cheaper price if you pay annually. All plans include the full functionality of ezyCollect.

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes, ezyCollect is a pay-as-you-go service and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Just email us at to change plans.

Can I try ezyCollect for free?

We hope you do! We know you will see returns on productivity and cash within 30 days, so go ahead and try it for free for 14 days—on us!

Do you have any contracts or cancellation fees?

If you cancel you will no longer be billed. If you choose to pay annually, you will be refunded any prepaid fees on conclusion of 30 day notice period.


Can ezyCollect make phone calls for us?

Our call team can make calls on your behalf if you don’t have the time or the staff to make those important reminder calls to clients who are not responsive to emails.

My accounting software send reminders. Why do I need ezyCollect?

ezyCollect does more than send out reminders. ezyCollect gives your business the systematic workflow to collect cash efficiently, from the time of invoicing to making a collection. All your communications with debtors are tracked and easily shared with your team. You can see more features in action here.

Apart from payment reminders, what else can I use ezyCollect for?

It blends, it dices, it juices…Many of our customer use ezyCollect as a CRM connected to their accounting system. As a debtor CRM, ezyCollect stores your communication history with debtors, logs multiple contact details for debtors, and lets you send bulk email messages to your customer base.

Another way customers use ezyCollect is to escalate issues to a legal or debt collection partner, saving them the time it takes to gather all the relevant supporting documents.