How does ezyCollect extend Xero?

Communications and Tracking

Invoice due soon reminder

Email reminder

SMS reminder

Scheduled call task

Fax reminder

Postal letter reminder

Thank you for payment email

Auto generate, attach and send monthly statements

Customer Account tracking

(invoice tracking only)

Preview and approve daily reminders

Allocate automated communications to different customer contacts

Consolidate multiple overdue invoices into a single reminder

Manually email customers from within the accounts receivable application

Centralised log of customer communication and invoice history

Turn invoice reminders on and off by invoice and customer

Easy-to-personalise and populate templates with drag and drop fields

Accounts receivable dashboard and analytics

Outgoing emails are sent from a company email account

Send bulk emails on demand to filtered audiences

Track automated email opens

Daily phone call list

Send monthly customer statements

Online Payments

Pay Now button on digital communications

Payment portal for every customer

Accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex

Offer Pay Later

Customers can view, download and query invoices anytime

Customers can pay multiple invoices in one transaction

Auto allocate online payments to Xero invoices

Credit Risk Analysis

Credit limit usage

Late payment and failure risk ratings per debtor

Risk management insights

Real-time credit monitoring alerts

Receivables at risk reporting

On-demand detailed credit report

Debt Escalation

Single click to issue a demand letter from a debt recovery agency

Single click to refer debt to a debt recovery agency

Experience the difference !

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No credit card required