Get Paid Now. Fund Tomorrow.

ezyCollect helps businesses get paid faster and easier, today. 

Take control of accounts receivable and move your business forward.

"Being fully integrated into your accounting software means that it's easy to turn on and quickly drives cashflow improvemenets - our customers typically see a 20% reduction in outstanding debtors within 14 days "

-Arjun Singh, CEO, ezyCollect

One platform for all your collections

Critical cash flow can be hard to safeguard when you trade on credit. With ezyCollect, your team ticks every box for strict credit control. 

Protect your business from late payments, remind your customers to pay, and collect cash quickly. Delight your customers with the convenient payables experience they crave.

That takes the pain away

Beautiful Workflow

Automate on your terms and never miss an opportunity to get paid.

 Get paid now from invoice, email and SMS

By giving your customers seamless checkouts with this free upgrade

The Simplypaid payment portal works with the ezyCollect platform by making it easier for your customers to pay you. 

Simplypaid gets you paid faster

By making it easier for your customers to pay you

Customers click Pay Now buttons on your invoices, sales order and emails.

Provide the ultimate customer experience with flexible payment options. Make it easier to pay you.

Payments are automatically written back. You'll see if it has been paid in full or if there is a balance owing.

What's included?

Everything you see below. And we are adding more features all the time. 

Automatically syncs data

Centralised dashboard

Metrics on your company pulse

Detailed customer reporting

Choose who to send reminders

Automated communication workflow

Personalised email templates

Personalised SMS templates

Send pre reminders prior to due date

Accept online credit card payments 24/7

Setup direct debit and payment plans

Apply cash to open invoices

Overdue invoices consolidated and attached

Automatically send monthly statements

Send thank-you for payment messages

Call reminders for overdue customers

Escalate to debt collection

Send demand letters

Pay now button on emails and text messages

Customers can pay multiple invoices

Early access to new features

Dispute management and promise to pay

AfterPay style payment option for debtors

In-app credit score and reporting (beta)

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