What is Simplypaid?


Self-serve with Simplypaid, a payment gateway designed to give you, the customer, the most convenient way to pay invoices via credit card, anytime.

Access Simplypaid via the Pay Now link or button on your supplier’s invoices and reminders. Depending on your supplier’s plan, you will see one or all of your open invoices.

All your open invoices

  • Use the toggle button to select the invoices you want to pay. The amount to pay will automatically populate with the outstanding balance on each invoice. You can clear the payment field and input a partial payment amount. The total will be calculated for you.
  • Click the ‘Pay Now’ button to  proceed through the simple checkout process.
  • Your supplier may include a credit card surcharge fee which will be shown on the payment screen and automatically added to your payment amount. Input your credit card details and click ‘Pay Now’.
  • You will receive a receipt to your inbox from noreply.payments@ezycollect.com.au, and you will be able to view and print your receipt from your portal page.
  • Simplypaid will automatically record each payment in your Transaction History.
  • Making a one-off payment

    Your supplier may invite you to make a one-off payment via Simplypaid. This may occur before an invoice has been issued or when your supplier is collecting a deposit from you.

    1. Click on the ‘Pay Now’ option they provide, and complete the blank fields in the payments screen.
    1. Once your payment has been approved, you will receive a receipt to your inbox from noreply.payments@ezycollect.com.au.

    Why pay via Simplypaid?

    Simplypaid is your supplier’s preferred payment gateway, chosen for its unique benefits to you:

    • No logins required: The PAY NOW link sent to you via invoices and reminders allows you to make a secure transfer without having to login to your bank account.
    • Your unique debtor portal*: Simplypaid is customised to you, and you can see all open invoices and transaction history with your supplier.
    • Pay multiple invoices in one transaction*. Select to pay one or more invoices in a single transaction. Simplypaid even alerts you to overdue invoices.
    • Save time. With Simplypaid, you can bypass your supplier’s office hours and simply pay your bills at a time that suits you.
    • Access from any device. Make payments from your desktop or on-the-go from your mobile device.
    • Secure payments. Send money via merchant service providers that comply with PCI Security Standards to ensure a secure payment card environment.
    * This feature is only enabled when your supplier has integrated Simplypaid with ezyCollect for complete debtor management.



    A note about credits and  unallocated payments

    Please note that any credits or unallocated payments will not be shown in Simplypaid. You should contact your supplier directly to account for these.

    Simplypaid is a system designed to take the pain out of payments. Go ahead and give it try!

    Got questions or want to send feedback?

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