MYOB EXO and Advanced

60-day money back guarantee.


$ 360

Per Month

$450/month (billed Monthly)

100 Debtors

1 users

*1.70% Credit card fees

EnterpriseMost Popular

$ 395

Per Month

$495/month (billed Monthly)

500 Debtors

5 users

*1.50% Credit card fees


$ 475

Per Month

$595/month (billed Monthly)

Unlimited Debtors

Unlimited Users

*1.30% Credit card fees

There is a $995 upfront install cost associated with all plans.

*Accept payment 24/7 with an optional payment platform

Pricing is quoted in AUD and does not include GST.

Very good program, has been very helpful for our company, regular updates and improvements, great customer service and reasonably priced for what it is. Would recommend for anybody trying to improve their debtor management.


We have used ezyCollect for over 8 months and it has dramatically decreased our outstanding debt and increased our cash flow. Before ezyCollect, our money collection process was time consuming and costly. Now it is automated, efficient and requires minimal manual intervention.

Anson C.Operations Coordinator

EzyCollect has helped manage our debtors with minimal effort. The simple automated reminders and online payment facility have made a huge difference in our overdue accounts. It's much less than before using ezyCollect which gives me time to focus on the rest of my job!

SharonAccounts Receivables Officer

With ezyCollect, 80 percent of our accounts team’s work is done,
95 percent of debtors now pay on time

AbhishekLacklands NZ, EXO user
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ezyCollect’s Standard Features

Allow your customers to click and pay online from invoices and payment reminders. All reminders, invoices, and statements can be fitted with a ‘Pay Now’ button that guides your customers into a payments portal. Here they can pay all of their invoices at once, pay some of them, or start a chat with you about their invoices. You can even automatically surcharge credit card fees.

Remove the hurdles and make it easy for debtors to pay you instantly.

This feature makes it possible for your debtors to pay all of their invoices whenever they want to, from wherever they want to, within just a few seconds.

Integrates with your  existing accounting software so that you don’t have to do any data entry before getting started.

ezyCollect currently integrates with:

  • Xero
  • myob Essentials
  • myob AccountRight
  • myob Premier
  • myob Exo

Proactively chasing payment is key to getting paid on time. ezyCollect’s pre-reminders make it easy for you to alert your customers that payment is due soon, giving them a friendly prompt to pay on time…or earlier!

The pre-reminder email becomes your first reminder in the communication workflow to debtors.

Automatically collate overdue invoices into a series of reminder messages to debtors. Customise a workflow to your preferred schedule. Send reminders via email, SMS, mail (even fax). Personalise reminder templates and flavour them with your own tone.

Your polite reminders are working in the background leaving you hands-free to get on with business.

Save time. Collect more.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may need a recoveries expert to step in and help you get paid. ezyCollect makes this easy with one click escalation. Easily outsource to your preferred provider or integrate with ours. Easily exchange the history of the debt and let them get to work.

All your receivables mapped for you. Get visuals on the success of your accounts receivable process. Clear visibility for your entire team on trouble areas that need your focus. Instantly see where the cash is hiding.

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Automatically follow up with customers who don’t pay and say thanks to the ones that do