Accept Online Payments – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Collecting money online is a simple way to increase collections and improve cash flow.

With the ezyCollect Hosted Payment Page, your business can:

  • Accept credit card payments on any device and time
  • Setup & accept recurring direct debits
  • Give on-the-go clients secure payment choices via their digital devices
  • Setup One-click payment from your invoices and reminders
  • Enjoy less data entry

We can help you with initial setup and adding features like a PAY NOW button to your emails and invoices.

Are you ready to get paid faster?

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Australian wholesale merchant and gateway fees are detailed below. If you are outside Australia, get in touch for your rates:

Fee TypeInstanceFee Amount
Bank/Card Account TransactionPer transaction attempt$ 0.30
Visa/MasterCard FeeCalculated on payment amount1.70%
Amex FeeCalculated on payment amount2.90%
Failed Payment FeePer failed or returned transaction$1.50

Please note the discounted rates as per your wholesale rates are below (ex GST)