Offer your customers a way to optimise their cash flow so you get paid on time.

What if You Could Delight Your Customers While Asking to be Paid?

Offer Pay by Instalments (but get paid now)

Contrary to its name, Pay by Instalments is designed to get suppliers paid on time.

When you add Pay by Instalments to your accepted payment methods, your debtors get the option to apply for an additional line of credit from a third party finance provider, who then pays you immediately.

Approved debtors then undertake a repayment schedule with the finance provider over a 60 or 90-day period.

  1. You get paid on time
  2. Your debtor repays a line of credit over three or four instalments.

Maintain prompt payment relationships with good payers

Only credit-worthy debtors will qualify to pay by instalments.

ezyCollect will analyse an applicant’s payment track record on the ezyCollect platform. If the debtor qualifies as a good payer on the ezyCollect platform, they will then be credit checked by the third party finance provider.

As the supplier, you can have assurance that your customers are being responsibly financed.

  • Even well-managed businesses experience cash flow shortfalls at times .
  • Buyers want to maintain good payer status with suppliers.
  • With cash on hand, buyers can take advantage of your offers or even buy more.

How do debtors apply to pay by instalments?

Add a Pay by Instalment Button alongside your Pay Now button on:

  • Invoices from your accounting/ERP system
  • ezyCollect pre-reminder emails
  • ezyCollect reminder emails
  • Monthly statements
  • On any digital communication you like!

Debtors choose to pay in 3 or 4 instalments

Debtors provide their details and ABN and undergo a credit check process

  • Approved debtors have finance within
    24 hours.
  • The finance provider pays your invoice immediately after approval.

 “We have put the Pay Now and Pay by Instalments buttons on absolutely everything: new invoices, emails, pre-reminders and overdue reminders. We have reduced our average debtor days overdue by half and our customers love the flexibility and the empathy we've shown them. Phone calls have become more about helping them than pestering them about unpaid invoices."

From a wholesale distributor:

Ready to offer

Pay by Instalments?

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