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  • How you can accept payments online
  • How to add a Pay Now button to your NetSuite/JCurve ERP invoices, sales orders, emails, and text messages
  • How to automatically reconcile payments to your NetSuite/JCurve ERP

Designed to get you paid faster and easier.

Credit Card Checkout

Customers can pay multiple invoices in one simple credit card transaction. You can even automatically surcharge credit card fees.

Payments Audit Trail

The system emails debtors a receipt for payment and also logs the debtor’s transaction history for them.

Payments Writeback

Sales deposits and invoice payments are written back automatically to your JCurve ERP account. Less admin and more time saved.

Pay By Instalments

Your debtor can pay in 60/90 day instalments while you still get paid upfront, leading to more sales for your business

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Credit Card Payment

Simple, transparent pricing.


+ $0.30
Ex. GST for Visa/Mastercard
2.0% + 30c ex. GST for AMEX
No setup, monthly, or hidden fees
Pay only for what you use
Automatic Surcharge facilities


Simplypaid offers everything needed to run an online business at scale.
Account management
Volume discounts
Migration assistance
Dedicated support

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Make it easy to pay you

Simplypaid gives your customers the most convenient way to settle invoices. The easier it is to pay you, the quicker the funds roll in.

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Pay Now button

Allow your customers to click-and-pay online from your invoices, emails and text messages.


Making it easier for your customers to communicate with you.

Seamless checkout

Your customers don’t need to log into a separate portal to make payment.

Connects to your accounting system

Customers see all open invoices and can pay at once.

Accept multiple payment types

Give your customers flexibility

Simplypaid makes it easy to setup payment plans for customers.

Australia's leading companies use ezyCollect to improve their accounts receivables & cashflow.

Trusted by 1,000+ companies worldwide.

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What cards does Simplypaid support?
Visa, Mastercard and American Express

What are the fees?

1.6% + $0.30 ex GST for Visa / MasterCard
2.0% + $0.30 ex GST for AMEX

2.9% + $0.40 ex GST for Visa / MasterCard
Can these fees be absorbed and/or surcharged?
Yes, you can choose to surcharge the fees to your customers or absorb them.

You also have the option to partially absorb/surcharge.

When do I receive my funds? 
Funds will be transferred to your nominated account on a daily basis; according to your settlement (2 business day settlement).

For example, if you receive a payment on Monday the funds will be transferred to you on Wednesday based on a 2 business day settlement.

Where can I put the PAY NOW button? 
You can put this in your emails when you send invoices and/or sales orders as well as actual invoices and sales orders.