Paying on time becomes easy 

With ezyCollect’s lending option, your customers can apply for an additional line of credit from a third-party finance provider which then pays your outstanding invoices in full.

Approved customers then repay the finance provider in three instalments over 60 days or in four instalments over 90 days.

Simply offer the Pay by Instalments option on your invoices, reminders and at checkout. 

  • You get paid quickly.
  • Your customer repays a line of credit over 60 or 90 days.

You get paid in full

Your customer repays the lender

Support prompt payers

Even healthy businesses can experience a cash flow gap at times. Only your credit-worthy customers with an active ABN will qualify to pay by instalments. An applicant must first gain ezyCollect’s pre-approval based on their payment history on the ezyCollect platform. They must then pass the credit check process by the third-party finance provider.

As the supplier, you can have assurance that your customers are being responsibly financed.

  • Applicants are approved for a line of credit based on their past payment history.
  • Buyers want to maintain their good payer status with suppliers.

Applicants are pre-approved by ezyCollect

Applicants undergo a credit check by the lender

Improve cash flow across the supply chain

When businesses pay their bills on time, the entire supply chain benefits. The timely transfer of capital from business to business allows companies to plan, grow and employ.

With ezyCollect’s Pay by Instalments option, your buyers can extend their accounts payable and improve their liquidity—with no financial burden on your business.

  • Buyers extend their accounts payable. You reduce your accounts receivable.
  • With better cash flow, buyers can take advantage of your offers or even buy more.

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Pay-by-Instalments  is included in ezyCollect’s online payments solution. 

There is no additional cost to offer this to your customers and you can opt not to include this payment method.

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