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by Xero customers

No credit card required.

No obligations or fixed-term contracts.

Get paid first

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5 star rating

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Automate, Customise, Personalise your accounts receivable process to get paid faster and make customers happy

The system tracks overdue invoices and sends reminders so you don't have to.

Escalate Easily

Save Time

Cash flow solved...

Auto attach invoice copies, collect money online so customers can pay now.

Automate with Care

Make Payments Easy

Single click to send demand letters, lodge defaults or send to debt collector.

Personalise reminder templates. Exclude invoices that don't need chasing.

Payment delays in Australia are on the rise*. ezyCollect reverses the trend for its customers.

“ezyCollect has improved our cash flow significantly and cleaned up some old accounts that we just couldn’t get to. Their customer service is top notch with responses to enquiries almost always on the same day”

Barry Phillips

Ambush Security Services

Diana Siddall

“ezyCollect allows us to run our whole collection process from one system with an audit trail of activity, reducing the number of outstanding debtor days. I love that it can amalgamate all outstanding invoices for each client in one email.”

Accounts Connect

ezyCollect automatically manages your receivables and can help you to chase payments more proactively, saving you time and allowing you to chase more customers in your working day - which means better cash flow too!

Slash overdue debt by 50%

ezyCollect is your all-in-one solution for debtor management. Automate manual tasks such as sending emails, SMS's and postal letters. Schedule phone calls for staff, manage disputes, track conversations and payment promises in the customer dashboard. Escalate to lawyers and debt collectors with a click of a button.

Save Time, Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity

One Click Payments Made Easy

Get paid 24x7 right from your reminders with your branded payment page. Even setup recurring direct debits (from credit cards and bank accounts) in minutes. You can choose to surcharge and add late payment fees with ease.

Get proactive and monitor your customers' credit activities 24/7. Receive email alerts about court judgements, default or administration notices that could be detrimental to your business. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are always watching your debtors.

Monitoring and Alerts

Quickly & easily create a full custom action schedule to send our automated reminders on intervals that you choose.

Send Thank You Messages Automatically

ezyCollect automatically emails a call list to your staff so their time is focused on calling the right customers at the right time.

Automatically attach invoice copies with every reminder

Manage, Record & Track Customer Conversations

Great Features Included On All Our Plans

Our system groups multiple invoices into a single reminder for each debtor. We don't over communicate with your customers.

Don't let your customer use the "I didn't get your invoice" excuse for non-payment. Now automatically include invoice copies with your automated reminders.

Consolidated Reminders

Create your Custom Reminder Schedule

We chase up payments, so you don't have to. 

Our all-in-one system combines statements, invoices and demand letters.

Automatically send "Thank You" emails to your debtors when they make payment for their invoices!

Demand Letter, debt collection & credit checks