Save time. Get paid faster

Automate, Customise, Personalise your accounts receivable process to get paid faster and make customers happy.

We are so confident that ezyCollect works that we guarantee at least to recover $30,000 cash within 60 days or we’ll refund your fees and delete your account, no questions asked.

$30k Guarantee

No credit card required.

No obligations or fixed-term contracts.

Simply connect your accounting file and be ready to collect within minutes.

Easy Setup

5 star rating

5 star rating

Manage your receivables automatically with our highly customizable, consistent, persistent, and polite reminder system to save valuable time and increase productivity. 

Automate. Save time.
Boost productivity.

Our one-stop-shop lets you handle everything accounts receivables in one, easy to use dashboard. Recover 50% of your overdue debt in 2 months and use the cash to keep your business growing.

Take charge. Increase cash flow. Grow your business.

Fresh Fodder, Finance Manager

"ezyCollect is a must-have for us. We've got our ledger a whole lot cleaner. It doesn't over complicate things. If I hadn't found ezyCollect I'd still be chasing my tail."

David Campbell

Collect money online directly from your reminders. Customers click your customised 'Pay Now' button to pay by credit or debit card. Choose to surcharge or even add late payment fees. Setup recurring direct debits.

Get paid 24/7

Boost cash flow by 22% by adding a "Pay Now" button

The system tracks open invoices and consistently sends payment reminders so you don't have to.

Save Time

Auto attach invoice copies, collect money online so customers can pay now.

Make Payments Easy

Personalise reminder templates, make them your own.

Automate with Care

Single click to send demand letters, lodge defaults or send to debt collector.

Single click escalation

Cash flow solved...

Payment delays in Australia are on the rise*. ezyCollect reverses the trend for its customers.

Karen Bennett

Axsys, Founding Director

"The time I spend on debtor management now is next to nothing."

Automatically follow up with customers who don’t pay and say thanks to the ones that do.