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Every step becomes easier

with time-saving automation

  • Instantly see all your receivables mapped for you.
  • Easily identify overdue accounts.
  • Have peace of mind that every invoice is tracked to payment.
  • Get a reliable view of your AR data from one source.
  • Easily find every debtor’s contacts, history and communications.
  • Use filters to slice and dice data in seconds.
  • Schedule the system to automatically issue new invoices created in Xero.
  • Batch multiple new invoices created per debtor into one email send.
  • Prompt early payments by scheduling a pre-reminder that payment is due soon.
  • Let the system bundle all relevant invoices into a single communication so your debtor receives consolidated information they can act on easily.
  • Schedule a series of automated reminders into a disciplined workflow.
  • Select from multiple channels so your reminders reach debtors via email, SMS, post (even fax).
  • Personalise reminder templates with a host of fields to suit your tone and language.
  • Receive a daily call list of debtors who have reached the phone call stage.
  • Be hands-free while the system reliably communicates for you.
Online Payment
  • Fit a ‘Pay Now’ button to reminders, invoices and statements.
  • Provide your customers with the easy option to click-and-pay online.
  • Lead customers to pay all open invoices in one easy online transaction.
  • Accept all major credit cards with the option to surcharge credit card fees.
  • Give debtors the convenience of settling bills at any night of day or night.
  • Collect money 24/7

Build out your collections toolkit with integrated services. Use your preferred partners or ours to keep collecting:

  • Add a demand letter to your workflow .
  • Click to outsource to a debt collector – easily exchange the complete debtor history so your debt collector can get to work.
  • Order a business credit check report before setting credit terms.

You’re 4 steps away from getting paid on time:

1. Register in minutes

2. Allow your file to auto sync with ezyCollect

3. See your receivables mapped and tracked

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